Cozy Indoor Anti-Slip Small Dog Socks - 3 colors available

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$9.95 Anti-Slip Indoor Socks - FREE Shipping Limited Time!!

Sizes: Fit for small dogs, S/M/L/XL

Size         Sock Width            Sock Length              Feet Width
S              2.5cm/1"                 6cm/2.36"                  3cm/1.18"
M             3cm/1.18"               7.5cm/2.95"               3.5cm/1.38"
L              3.5cm/1.38"            9cm/3.54"                  4cm/1.57"
XL            4cm/1.57"               11cm/4.33"                4.5cm/1.77"

To protect timber floors from scratches, or to protect paws after injury or surgery.

Skid-free pads also prevent dogs sliding on slippery floors.

Colors may vary a bit.  Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery.

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